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AZIZ MEMON – Rotary Profile

Acceptance of every human being for plainly just being another human, ignoring and abolishing biased social views, prejudice, and racism in the process. Being a humanitarian is being able to recognize humanity amongst all of us, once we accept all humans have same equal desires and basic needs, the work itself is just a natural extension. Its is of utmost importance that one should always respect and recognize human dignity and then conduct humanitarian work which focuses on human dignity.

“Love of what it is to be human” is the essential nature and purpose of humanity, culture and civilization—is intrinsically philosophical, containing both metaphysics and ethics. It asserts that our nature and purpose in life is educational—to make ourselves more fully humane through self-development.

Rtn. Aziz Memon is one such individual, who has proudly stepped up and taking this role to its true meaning. When asked why he had chosen this role, his reply was “because working for humanity is universal, it holds no boundaries, no cultures and no religion; it brings me closer to people who are also involved in the same field and gives me great pleasure to work with them.”

Rtn. Aziz Memon an industrialist, a Chairman of the Kings Group of Companies.

He is also Chairman of Board of Directors of the Karachi Garment City Company, a project of the Government of Pakistan. He has been the Chairman of the Textile Quota Supervisory Council of the Export Promotion Bureau.

Rtn Aziz Memon is the Honorary Consul General of Republic of Suriname. He has represented Pakistan at WTO meetings and various international forums. He has accompanied the Presidents and the Prime Ministers of Pakistan on numerous states visits abroad.

The Founder President of the Pakistan Japan Business Forum, he is also President of the Pakistan Italy Business Forum.

Only a strong believer can turn dreams into reality. During his tenure as President of Rotary Club of Karachi, he succeeded in completing his dream project of the Rotary Club of Karachi Lyari School for which a colossal amount of Rs.38 million was raised. His heart and those of fellow Rotarians are gladdened by the fact that 1,600 area children are being provided English medium education at the school.

During his term as District Governor of Rotary International District 3270, Pakistan & Afghanistan he raised US$ 700,000.00 for The Rotary Foundation, which was the highest contribution (Number one) in the Rotary Zones 6, 7 & 8 during 2007-2008. In worldwide APF contribution District 3270 came at No.15.

As a result of the dedicated efforts RI Board approved Re-districting of District 3270.

Having won numerous awards during an illustrious career in Rotary, including the prestigious Service Above Self award & The Rotary Foundation Citation for Meritorious Service Award, Rotarian Aziz Memon is Major Donor Level-III.

Presently Rotarian Aziz Memon is:

  • Chairman, Pakistan National Polio Plus   Committee
  • Member, Bangkok Convention 2012 Promotion Committee
  • Director, Rotarian Action Group for Microcredit (RAGM)
  • Vice Chairman, Board of Trustees, Rotary Humanitarian Trust.


  • Fiscal Agent for Pakistan & Afghanistan
  • Co-Chairman, Rotary Bangkok Institute 2010
  • Member, RI President Micro Credit Advisory Committee 2007-2010
  • Zone Coordinator, Zone 6B for Disaster Relief Rotary Action Group 2008-2011
  • Zone Coordinator, Zone 6 for Health & Hunger 2009-2010
  • District Trainer 2010-11, District 3271

RI President’s Personal Representative at:

a)  District 3220 Conference in Colombo, Sri Lanka, 21-22 February 2009

b)  District 3291 Conference in Kolkata, India,   7-9 January 2011

c)  District 3300 Conference in Seremban, Malaysia, 9-11, December, 2011.

He attended the District Trainers Training Seminar of the following Rotary Institutes as Training Team Member:

2008 Rotary Institute, Taipei

2009 Rotary Institute, Cochin

2009 Rotary Institute, Manila

Pakistan recognized his efforts towards humanitarian and public service and was given the most prestigious award “Pride of Performance” on 23rd March 2011 by President of Pakistan.

Rotarian Aziz Memon is married to Dr. Samina, an Anesthetist by Profession, currently Associate Professor & Director of Postgraduate Training Program at Agha Khan University Hospital, Karachi.